Discover the Bride of the Atlantic

Crystal clear golden beaches, coral reefs and picture-perfect sunsets await you in this tropical paradise. Discover the natural beauty of Puerto Plata, the culture and history of the “Bride of the Atlantic“, the friendly nature of the Dominicans and an exotic gastronomy that will delight your senses.

Hotels in the Dominican Republic

Experience the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic offers a wide range of leisure activities, with many more to be found throughout the region.

Don’t miss the Isabel de Torres National Park, a peak of over 700 metres that can be reached by cable car for some of the best views, as well as many species of flora and fauna.

San Felipe de Puerto Plata has many tourist attractions and beautiful beaches: Playa Dorada, with crystal-clear waters, coral reefs and marine life; Playa Luperón, with fine sand and tropical vegetation; and Playa Maimón, with turquoise waters and golden sand.

If you like nature, don’t miss the Damajagua Falls. With 28 waterfalls and pools, this natural adventure will thrill anyone who jumps into the crystal-clear waters of these geological faults.

Gastronomy is another reason why people choose the Dominican Republic. Its delicious fish dishes and seafood, rice with auyama, bean stew and chocolate, are some of the most popular choices.

As for festivals in the Dominican Republic, the most famous are Carnival, with its vibrant costumes and parades; the Merengue Festival, with performances by prominent artists; and Dominican Independence Day, when locals take to the streets to enjoy traditional music, drinks and food.

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